Enstella EDB Converter Tool able to fix all Exchange Corruption Issues

Jet Engine Errors

Repairable Dirty Shutdown Error

Duplicate Keys (Identifiers)

JET_errInvalidDatabase -1028

JET_errInvalidDatabaseId -1010

Error 0x80040605: Unable to initialize the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service

JET_errBadDbSignature -531

Corruption of database header file

Recover deleted exchange mailboxes

JET_errDatabaseStreamingFileMismatch -540

JET_errDatabaseDirtyShutdown -550

JET_errDatabaseSignInUse -1222

Error -528 initializing the Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store database

Exchange Server Error Code 528

JET_errConsitentTimeMismatch -551

JET_errInvalidDatabaseId -1010

JET_errDatabaseCorruptedNoRepair -1224

Causes of Exchange Database corruption & Know about Reliable solution to Fix Issues

Microsoft Exchange Server is an extensive application that stores all the emails of multiple users in exchange database file that identify as .edb file. Sometimes, exchange EDB file became corrupted or inaccessible due to several reasons such as- exchange server dirty shutdown, virus infection, error in database header file, physical system damaged, oversize database, log file error, Exchange server crash, error in JET Engine, power failure and many more reasons. So, it is cleared that Microsoft Exchange corruption and nonexistence of version compatibility may the reason of becoming EDB files inaccessibility. Convert all the EDB files into PST files and easily get the authority to access exchange database. Make your EDB data cross - version well-matched by promptly migration them into accessible PST file. Enstella EDB Converter Software is result oriented application that able to fix all types of EDB file errors and makes users enable to re-access exchange database by doing the successfully EDB to PST conversion along with complete previous database.

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